We Import & Export CBD Products.

Sovereignport provides CBD shipping and logistics solutions utilizing Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ's). With complete supply chain visibility, we pre-clear  U.S. Customs and bypass various tariffs and taxes. 

Bonded and Secure from port to port. 

Anyone can ship - We deliver.

Cargo Transportation

  • International Cargo 
  • Domestic Cargo
  • Foreign to Foreign
  • DEA License
  • Fully Insured

Product Clearance

  • US Customs - Pre-clearanced
  • International Customs Clearance
  • USDA Clearance
  • FDA Clearance


  • Climate Controlled  & Secured warehousing 
  • Local Distribution
  • International Distribution
  • Foreign Trade Zone

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Foreign Trade Zones: LA, Miami & NYC

Sovereignport processes your CBD shipments through global ports, utilizing FTZ's when possible. With our logistics experts and strategic partners,  we move you through customs worldwide with speed and ease.  

We also provide reduced tariffs and taxes, warehousing,  product acquisition and brokering, all forms of cannabis and  process consulting. 

We provide DEA licensing, import licensing, transportation, warehousing and testing.

We Ship:

Sovereignport can ship anything, but we excel in the issues concerning CBD oils, isolate, biomass, crude and other industrial hemp products. Contact us with your needs.

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