DAn Francis - VP

Hemp Director

If you need to buy or sell product, find arrangements or tolling  - Dan has it.

 Direct to the source with the best products and pricing. From biomass to finished products, Dan can fill the most difficult orders.

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Dan Francis has been active in the CBD industry for years providing a full spectrum of services from working with farmers and labs to sourcing product. A lifelong Entrepreneur, Dan has been successful in everything from transportation and logistics to cryptocurrency investor and miner. Offshore Boat Racing World Champion, Reality TV and Movie production, Sports Promotor and owner as well as multiple hospitality industries. 

Dan is available for speaking engagements.

Finding products and buyers worldwide



We verify your product, price and quantity.

This list goes out to over 2,500 active buyers. Once we verify buyer's funds, we send a purchase agreement. 

We love providing hassle-free sales.



Chose between weekly and monthly updates. We have product in all areas of the world. If you see something that you want, call us with your attorney's information for proof of funds & we will send the purchase agreement and escrow instructions.



We no longer sign NCNDA's. 

Feel free to use our services. We work with whomever can bring the POF and sign the purchase agreement.  If you're looking for something specific, please contact us.